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Homemade sports drink – 2 quarts for less then a $1 April 2, 2013

I am on my last day of Spring Brake and home with a sick kid. We do not drink sports drinks often but when the kids or I get sick we like to have them around. (I crave the red kind when I am sick). I have been wanting to try this for several months because I know it is so much cheaper.

I looked online and found LOTS of recipes for sports drinks. This one was simple so I went with it. The recipe is from the post Homemade Gatorade on the blog Living on a Dime.

Homemade Gatorade

2 quarts water
1 teaspoon baking soda
1-2 teaspoons salt
7 Tablespoons sugar
1 packet Sugar-Free Kool-Aid

NOTE: We like it better with 1 teaspoon of salt. I also made some without the baking soda and it was fine too (I had two things of corn starch and no baking soda – that is just plane crazy!)


homemade sports drink less then a $1

After voting today my son and I went to Dollar General and got some Wyler’s dink mix for $.13 a pack (Kool Aid cost more and I like Wyler’s better anyway). The cost of the salt, sugar, and baking soda could not be much so we got 2 quarts of Sports Drink for way less then what one single serving would cost at the store!

Thinking this would be fun to make into ice cubes to put in the kids water in the summer as a treat on HOT HOT Missouri days. Also would be a treat to put in the kids water cooler I put outside for them when we stay out all day. Most they time it will be good old H2O but this would be fun to make it the night before and drink it the next day.




Workouts on pause…for now July 19, 2012

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I know that when I started this blog I was trying to get in better shape and loose some pounds. After finding out I was 20 weeks pregnant I put that on hold for many reasons. I know that staying active is important when you are pregnant but after being on 15.5 weeks of bed rest for preterm labor with my second child and not knowing I was pregnant for the first half of this one my husband and I both feel that staying off my feet when I can is the best for us. After I have baby # 3 the workouts will be back on! Then I will have a full time job, two part time jobs, and 3 kids….what am I thinking!


Lazy Workouts June 27, 2012

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My friend from college pined this on Pineterest. The post is Lazy Girl Fitness form Violet Sages’s blog. This is the kind of thing I need.  She gives several excises that you can do when you are doing something you have to do – like cook, laundry, and brush your teeth. I did some of the tooth brush workout this morning until my 6  year old came in and started talking to me. Most of the things on her list you could do when watching TV. That is probably when I would do them. I am thinking they would be good to do after the kids are in bed because they are quite. Happy workout!


Workout Motivation June 26, 2012

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I have a friend that went to High School with that has been posting about working out for the last week on Facebook. She is a wife, mother of one, and works a full time and a part time job. She is a lady with a lot to do! I was happy she was working out. Another friend of hers asked what she had been doing for her workouts. This was her comment back.

“Mostly treadmill and elliptical, with some weight training thrown in. I’ve been doing a lot of interval work on the treadmill.  (she does this at a local gym) At home I do 30-40 minutes of Pilates, 15 minutes of ab work, 5 minutes of bum/thigh work, plus some yoga and stretching. Most nights I also add about 7-10 miles on my bike at about 15 mph. I’m getting stronger and burning more calories everyday!”

If that is not motivation for me, or anyone, to get off there couch and do something I am not sure what is. WOW!! I did 45min on the workout step yesterday and felt good about what I had done until I read her post. I thought that I should not waste the extra time I have over the summer and I should work out as much as I can. I will be on the beach in two weeks and any pound I can losses before then is fine with me. In a moth I have a conference out of state and it would be nice if my clothes fit better. My friend gave me the inspiration I needed.  What gives you motivation?


Working Mom Workouts June 24, 2012

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Over the last three years I have put on (or just not lost) about 30 lb. I am not happy about this at all. When I was pregnant with my three year old son I ended up on 15 1/2 weeks of full bed rest. I lost most off my muscle mass and with two small kids and a full time job just never got back into the swing of working out. Lat summer, two years latter, I started running (OK jogging) but in August I messed up my knee. My keen is just about better now. So at year three I AM going to do this. This week my goal is to get in 30 min of movement no matter what it is. I am guessing the exercise step will be the majority of what I do.

Ideas? Tips? Leave a comment and help us all out.


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