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Saving on Summer Vacation June 9, 2013

There are lots of ways to save on summer vacation. We truly do a family vacation. We go on vacation with my mom and stepdad…..and my sisters and brother in law…..am some times family friends. We are lucky that my parents have a time share about less then two hours from our house and we have access to a beach house in South Carolina for cheap through the company my step dad works for.

We still try to save even with the fact we have some nice vacation spots.

1. Bring you own food keeps you from eating out and spending money. Even if you are staying in a hotel that does not have a kitchen keeping things like fruit, nuts, granola bars, peanut butter, and crackers around it can save a lot of money. If you have a small fridge think about lunch meat and cheese. We also go shopping when we get there if it is a long trip ( South Carolina is an 18 hour trip for us so we pack food to eat on the way and food for breakfast and hit Sam’s Club after we get there. This year we will be feeding seven adults, two kids, and the baby.)

2. Stay some place with a kitchen so you can cook!

3. Check for things that are free – breakfast, kids eat/stay free, pool, appetizers, Internet….you get the idea.

4. Go with extended family or friends and split the cost. This works well if you want a date on vacation too. If your friends have kids you stay in and watch all the kids one night and your friend gets to do it the next.

5. Check for free activities before you leave. With the Internet it is so easy to find parks, festivals, or other free activities where you are staying.

6. Do they have free laundry? Both place we go I can do my laundry for free other then the cost of the detergent. I know that doing laundry on vacation does not sound like fun but it saves me a lot of work when I get home. I bring a laundry bag and we put all the dirty wash in it as we go. The day before we leave I do at least one load of wash in, fold it, and pack it in each persons bag. When I get home the dirty laundry goes down the steps as soon as I walk in the door and everyone’s bag goes to there room with clean clothes to go back into their dresser!

What are your tips for saving money on vacation?



TO GO mug TO STAY June 3, 2013

When I am home and trying to get things done I have a bad habit of poring my coffee (or opening a Coke) and walking away from it. When you don’t sit down most of the day it is an easy thing to do. I have been reading the blog A Slob Comes Clean a lot the last few days (LOVE this blog). I have been using it as motivation to clean the house. I have been trying to do small tasks whenever I can. Getting a lot done but that meas less sitting and more leaving my coffee.  I remembered something thins morning…a TO GO cup!


This way when I poor my coffee and walk away it is still warm when I come back! I took it with me to drop the big kids off, when I feed the baby when I got home, and it is sitting next to me right now keeping my coffee warm for when I get a chance to take my next drink. Simple things that make me smile!  : )


Summer Savings – Free Play Day!!! May 29, 2013

We had to go into town today because my 4 year old had a dance class that he needed to make up. With school being out I was able to take him on a weekday. I had all three kids with me and because 7 year old starts summer school tomorrow I thought we should have some fun. I did not want to spend any money (I did by lunch and I could have done that cheaper but I wanted to get vegetables so I splurged at the food court at bit). The first thing we did was go to the play place (or as I call it the pink eye play place) so the big kids could play and I could feed the baby. We played for about 25 min and headed off to the food court for lunch. We also made a stop at the family bathroom to wash hand and I would like to thank the person that decided that the family bathroom was a good idea.

mall play place


We love the pink eye play place.

After lunch we hit Barnes and Noble to play with the train and to pick up the summer reading handout for my 7 year old. The summer reading program is free!! Kids in grades K-6  read 8 fill out a  reading journal  and they receive a free book.  You can pick up the handout in store or print a PDF from their web page.


Photo is a little blurry because the baby hit my camera when I took it – sorry!

The baby is napping now, big kids are playing, and I cleaned house some. The next part of our free play day is the local library. We will check out some books and play a bit before I have to make dinner and go to my church job. Remember to check you library for free summer reading programs as well. We do the activities we can at the library in the small town we live in and at the library in the big town next door.

The best part about this day, other then being free, is that it saves time. The first two activities and lunch were all at the same place. The faster we go from one thing to the next the less wining I here and the less I have to pack, unpack, and repack kids. The library in our town is only 3 min from the hose so making the run out there is no big deal.

What is your favorite free activities?


Three things that have saved me time, money, and sanity January 9, 2013

We all went back to school for a full week this week. This is my first full week back in four months and we now have a new born to add to the mix. In order to try and make things a bit more stream line I have found three things that help a lot.

1. Make all of the sack lunches on Sunday. This keeps us from spending money on school lunch (or the vending machine) and all I have to do is put the pre made items in every ones lunch box the night before. It took me an hour on Sunday night but I have 19 sack lunches ready to go! (I know that is one short for three people and a five day week but my daughter likes to get the school lunch on Wednesday.)

2. Make my breakfast for the week on Sunday. I don’t ever have time to eat in the morning before I leave. I have always eaten in the car or once I get to school (not the best but better then not eating at all). This means I have to pack breakfast. This week I took 30 min and made my self 5 egg breakfast sandwiches that I wrapped in a paper towel and then in foil. I stashed them in the bottom of the fridge door so all I have to do it grab one, unwrap the foil, microwave it for 1 min, re wrap in foil, and but in my lunch bag. It is about 30 min from the time I warm it up until I get to eat it and it is still warm! 

3. Make dinner in the crock pot the night before. If you are like me you are gone to long during the day to make something in the crock pot. I have found that the best way to still use my crock pot is the put the dinner I need for the next night in when I get home. When I do this I am there when the food is done and I don’t have to take time to cook dinner. I pack it up and put it in the fridge then warm up what we need in the microwave the next night.

CrockPot Programmable 6qt Slow Cooker with Bonus Little Dipper SCCPVC605S

This is the sweet Crock Pot set my Dad and Step-mom got me when I had the baby! LOVE IT!!

I will blog more about how I do each of these things latter but this week has been crazy! What tips do you have that help you and your busy family get through the week with some sanity left at the end? Leave a comment and let us know. I am always looking for a way to make life simpler.

Remember to follow me on Pinterest. Check on the Meal Plan Favorites board to find the crock pot recipes I used this week and other recipes that we have in joyed. I will up date it as we try new meals that my family things are winners!


Weekly Activity Planer December 14, 2012

I have started doing a craft or activity with my kids in the evening. It has made nights much simpler and the kids have had a blast. I have had the time to plan during the day because I am on maternity leave but I know when I go back to work it will be harder to keep up with. I decided that I needed to make a planer to help keep track of what I have planed. I made it to show two weeks at a time. I know when I meal plan I like to do one week at a time but be able to put things on the next week if we have a good idea. I also like to put the date on things so I left room next to the day of the week for the date. If I don’t use the activity I can move it to the next week. I also added a shopping list for each week. I try to use things I have around the house as much a possible but if it is something special you may need to get some things.  Click the link below to down load your free copy.

Activity Planer


Homemade mouthwash July 20, 2012

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I never have mouthwash and I always wish that I did. My youngest sister started making her own (along with shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, face cleaner, and some other things). Being inspired I thought that I two could make my own mouth wash. She gave me some peppermint and tea tree essential oils to get started. Because I am pregnant I am unable to use the tea tree oil for anything that would be consumed but will find some other ways to put it to good use!

I found several good sounding recipes for homemade mouthwash BreathMD.com This is the recipe that I based mine on

Baking Soda Mouthwash

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tsp of baking soda
  • 4 drops of pure peppermint oil
  • 4 drops of tea tree oil
  • Mix ingredients

I left out the tea tree oil because I am unable to use it at this time.

Turns out that my little jelly jar holds a cup so I will not have to

measure that every time!  My 6 year old daughter and I both tried it I liked it

a lot! My 6 year old told me it was like magic!!  If that is not a good review I don’t

knww what is.

NOTE: Just had a friend of mine that is a dental hygienist tell me that this is good stuff! That makes me happy.


Pinterest and meal planing July 19, 2012

I am a tech dork in a big way and have enjoy my time on Facebook and Pinterest when I can get it. I have found that Pinterest is a wonderful way to organize recipes that I might want to use for my meal plans or for freezer cooking. I also started a board for Meal Plan Favorites that I have found on Pinterest. This way I can find the recipes that I know we like when I am having a brain block about what to eat. In the comments I can make notes about things to chance for next time or something I did that we thought made the recipe better for us. As much as I love cook books this is also a free way to get new ideas that my family will love. It also saves lots of time because I have a list of things we like in one place. Tomorrow my 6 year old and I are going to make the meal plan for the week and use Pinterest to help us. She likes it because there is a photo and not just me telling her what is in it. So we also get some fun one on one time making then menu. When we are done I bet we will spend some time pining things that she likes on her board!


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