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Saving on Summer Vacation June 9, 2013

There are lots of ways to save on summer vacation. We truly do a family vacation. We go on vacation with my mom and stepdad…..and my sisters and brother in law…..am some times family friends. We are lucky that my parents have a time share about less then two hours from our house and we have access to a beach house in South Carolina for cheap through the company my step dad works for.

We still try to save even with the fact we have some nice vacation spots.

1. Bring you own food keeps you from eating out and spending money. Even if you are staying in a hotel that does not have a kitchen keeping things like fruit, nuts, granola bars, peanut butter, and crackers around it can save a lot of money. If you have a small fridge think about lunch meat and cheese. We also go shopping when we get there if it is a long trip ( South Carolina is an 18 hour trip for us so we pack food to eat on the way and food for breakfast and hit Sam’s Club after we get there. This year we will be feeding seven adults, two kids, and the baby.)

2. Stay some place with a kitchen so you can cook!

3. Check for things that are free – breakfast, kids eat/stay free, pool, appetizers, Internet….you get the idea.

4. Go with extended family or friends and split the cost. This works well if you want a date on vacation too. If your friends have kids you stay in and watch all the kids one night and your friend gets to do it the next.

5. Check for free activities before you leave. With the Internet it is so easy to find parks, festivals, or other free activities where you are staying.

6. Do they have free laundry? Both place we go I can do my laundry for free other then the cost of the detergent. I know that doing laundry on vacation does not sound like fun but it saves me a lot of work when I get home. I bring a laundry bag and we put all the dirty wash in it as we go. The day before we leave I do at least one load of wash in, fold it, and pack it in each persons bag. When I get home the dirty laundry goes down the steps as soon as I walk in the door and everyone’s bag goes to there room with clean clothes to go back into their dresser!

What are your tips for saving money on vacation?



TO GO mug TO STAY June 3, 2013

When I am home and trying to get things done I have a bad habit of poring my coffee (or opening a Coke) and walking away from it. When you don’t sit down most of the day it is an easy thing to do. I have been reading the blog A Slob Comes Clean a lot the last few days (LOVE this blog). I have been using it as motivation to clean the house. I have been trying to do small tasks whenever I can. Getting a lot done but that meas less sitting and more leaving my coffee.  I remembered something thins morning…a TO GO cup!


This way when I poor my coffee and walk away it is still warm when I come back! I took it with me to drop the big kids off, when I feed the baby when I got home, and it is sitting next to me right now keeping my coffee warm for when I get a chance to take my next drink. Simple things that make me smile!  : )


Post it to do list June 2, 2013

Well my husband left today for the first of many long trips this summer. That leaves me with three kids and everything. I know there are people that do this all the time but I am not one of them. I also found out that I got the teaching job I want in the big town close to us. It is only .87 time but pays well.

I now have some motivation to really clean this house, purge things, and get some plans in place for the big changes we will have to make next school year. The only problem is I am totally sleep deprived and for large stretches of time a single parent with thee kids and one is a baby! I forget what I opened the pantry for how am I going to remember what I want/need to get done????

In an odd moment of clarity I had an idea……post it notes.


Ok it is not the best looking think but here is the idea. Every time I come up with something I need/ want to do I am going to put it on a post it and stick it to the cabinet door that I walk by a million times a day. I put the things that need to be done NOW at eye level and the less important ones higher up. I will then move them down as needed. When I get something do I get to through it away…that is going to feel good. So what about when people come over? I am just going to put them on the inside of the door. I also think this might work for me because when I make a list I losse it. This way my husband will also knows what needs to be done. We will see how this works but I have to say I am kind of excited about it


Penny Pinching Patio Project – Sidewalk Chalk Organization April 2, 2013


This is the mess of sidewalk chalk we had. The kids love the stuff (so do I it is cheep fun) but it is hard to keep track of. In an effort to get the outside toys in order I wanted to get it under control. In comes the baby wipe container…….


You can’t tell but the big pieces are in two nice piles with the little leftover bits on the top!  All in one nice place that both big kids and hold easy and open with out help. Easy and FREE!



New Year Prep! December 31, 2012

Spending the day cleaning the house to start the New Year off with a big  smile on our faces. Not much else to do with the winter wounder we have in our backyard right now! My husband is going to take the big kids out later.  Getting together some things for our little family New Years celebration. Sill have to complete my resolutions…nothing like putting things off to the last second! 011This is our back yard right now and there is more on the way!

I have gotten some small projects done to blog about and I will have a project with the kids for tonight to blog about too! Be on the look out.


Holidays on a dime – Giving December 10, 2012

We need to remember that this is the season of giving. There are lots of ways that you and your family can give without spending much money.

1. Clean house – You and your family will be getting gifts this time of year. Take some time a clean out the toys, books, clothes that you are not using anymore. Give them to a charity or a friend that you know will use them. My daughter does not use her Tag much any more and my 3 year old son loves it. My daughter is going to wrap it and give it to her brother for Christmas. My kids also like giving things to their day cares that way they still get to play with the toy but it is also being used by other kids. I have also donated things to are local Parents As Teachers and my kids classrooms. Teachers will like a bag of old books better then a candle or the 15th apple t-shirt.

2. Give of your time or talents –  There are many organizations that just need people to help hand things out or organized things. Think about being a bell ringer or working at the food bank. Do you love to act or sing? See if there is a group in the community that is doing any holiday performances that you could help with. Love to knit, sew, or croshay? See if there is a group that needs blankets, scarves, or hats to help keep others warm this winter.

3. Don’t for get the dollar store – No this is not being cheep. We have a Christmas Buddy from a local nursing home. We got a list of things that she liked. I took the older kids to the dollar store and for $10 we got her 10 things on her list. The candy and soap we got her where all name brand. The kids had fun picking things out for her and helped remind my kids that this is about giving to others.

4. Coupons – You know all the free stuff that you have gotten from couponing this is a good time to check you stock and see what you can clean out. I got extra deodorant (at the dollar store) for free that we do not need. I am going to pass it on to the food bank in town to give to those that need it. There are several other products I have done this with in the past. I will also be using some of the things I have for or Christmas Buddy. Think about other people that you have on your list that can benefit from your free items.


Pinterest Review – Get your Tub Clean WITHOUT Blue DAWN! June 28, 2012

This is only kind of a Pinterest Review. There are several pins on Penterest that say if you use equal parts white vinegar and blue Dawn that your tub will the the cleanest it has ever been. My mom tried it and say id was amazing. I wanted to know if it had to be blue Dawn so I did it a bit diftent….I used Pamolive! I was impressed my tub looks the best it ever has! I know we put it in two years ago. One bathroom that four people use the tub/shower gets a lot of use. The truth is I HATE cleaning the bathroom but this was so easy.  I sprayed the tub. When and did some quick things and hung a load of laundry.  When I came back I wiped out the tub and gave it a good rinse. I thought it looked good so I called in the 6 year old to get the honset oppion that only a child can give. I asked her to look at the tub and she said “WOW! It is soooo shiny!”. I give it a GOLD star. Bet part…it was free! I had gotten the dish soap and the vinegar for free on some couponing trips! Even if you have to pay full price this is still super cheep!

What you need:

Equal parts of white vinegar and dish soap

Empty spray bottle (mine is an old glass cleaner bottle)

Put the vinegar in the bottle and warm it up. I had to warm it before I put it in the bottle because the bottle was to tall for my microwave!  I warmed it in the glass bottle for 1 min and then put it in the spray bottle. I then added the soap and shook it up.

This is my nasty tub….yep it is that bad…I hate cleaning the bathroom…I know this is sick.

This is my nice clean tub after I let it dry for an hour. It is not all wet it is just that clean!


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