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Penny Pinching Patio Project – 5 min project that cost a $1 April 2, 2013

Home with a sick kid today but I thought we needed to get out for a bit. After playing on the trampoline for a bit we went over to check out the project patio. I had some potting soil left from last season and an empty flower pot. We plated the harlequin flowers that I had gotten the baby for Easter at the Dollar Tree.



It does not look like much now but in a few weeks should add some color and softness to the patio. The green pot helps add some color too! This project used soil and a pot that I had from last year so the only cost I had was the cost of the flowers – $1! The flowers say they attract birds and butterflies so that should be an added bonus.


Holiday on a Dime – Easter

We have never gotten our kids a bunch of “stuff” for Easter. I saw this Nony’s post Non-Clutter Easter Baskets and gave it a read. I was happy to find out that I was doing the suggestions posted! This year I got things for the kids baskets only from the Dollar Tree (one think was from Dollar General) and I tried to stay with an outside theme.

big kids The Big Kid Baskets!

Most everything in their baskets we are also going to use as a part of my Penny Pinching Patio Project. They all got flower bulbs that we need to plant soon with the spades and knee boards I got them. I liked the metal flowers to add some fun color! In the baskets there are also some deli baskets that the kids love to eat out of. There are several restaurants that puts their kids meals in them. The kids have wanted them for a long time and will be good to eat outside with.


The babies basket

The kids are excited to plant and so am I!  Now if it was just warm today. Right now it is 31 out side.


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