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Saving on Summer Vacation June 9, 2013

There are lots of ways to save on summer vacation. We truly do a family vacation. We go on vacation with my mom and stepdad…..and my sisters and brother in law…..am some times family friends. We are lucky that my parents have a time share about less then two hours from our house and we have access to a beach house in South Carolina for cheap through the company my step dad works for.

We still try to save even with the fact we have some nice vacation spots.

1. Bring you own food keeps you from eating out and spending money. Even if you are staying in a hotel that does not have a kitchen keeping things like fruit, nuts, granola bars, peanut butter, and crackers around it can save a lot of money. If you have a small fridge think about lunch meat and cheese. We also go shopping when we get there if it is a long trip ( South Carolina is an 18 hour trip for us so we pack food to eat on the way and food for breakfast and hit Sam’s Club after we get there. This year we will be feeding seven adults, two kids, and the baby.)

2. Stay some place with a kitchen so you can cook!

3. Check for things that are free – breakfast, kids eat/stay free, pool, appetizers, Internet….you get the idea.

4. Go with extended family or friends and split the cost. This works well if you want a date on vacation too. If your friends have kids you stay in and watch all the kids one night and your friend gets to do it the next.

5. Check for free activities before you leave. With the Internet it is so easy to find parks, festivals, or other free activities where you are staying.

6. Do they have free laundry? Both place we go I can do my laundry for free other then the cost of the detergent. I know that doing laundry on vacation does not sound like fun but it saves me a lot of work when I get home. I bring a laundry bag and we put all the dirty wash in it as we go. The day before we leave I do at least one load of wash in, fold it, and pack it in each persons bag. When I get home the dirty laundry goes down the steps as soon as I walk in the door and everyone’s bag goes to there room with clean clothes to go back into their dresser!

What are your tips for saving money on vacation?



Saving Money On Clothes – End of season clearance January 28, 2013

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We have been lucky and not had much snow this year. In fact it was all most 70 today. This time most years we have about 4-6 in of snow on the ground. Over the weekend I got to go to Marshells and hit the clearance rack. I love the clearance rack and Marshells is one of my favorite (Target is another one I love). My 3 year old has several heavy coats but has no snow pants. I was so happy when I found a heavy coat AND snow pants for $10.



The best part is he will be able to where them for two years. The pants are adjustable and he is a skinny thing (for dance class he has 24 month shorts that I got for $2 on clearance at Target).   It pays to take the time to check the clearance section you never know what you are going to fine. Two weeks ago I got two NFL jerseys for my son for $3 each.  Talk about some major savings and a happy kid!


Save money – Shop out of season January 2, 2013

Today I had some unexpected free time and made a trip to Wal-Mart to get some things we needed. When I was there I hit the clearance section. I do this almost every time I go there (or any other store) I have save lots of money on many things my family needs by doing this.

Today I found water shoes for all of the kids. I got one of every size for the boys and the large size for my daughter. The all blue pare was $1.50 and the other three pairs where $1 each! The total cost before clearance was $28.92 my total was $4.50. Total savings of 85%. Got to love that!!!



This summer there was an end cap clearance in the shoes section that had winter boots. I got two pairs for my daughter. The black pair fits her now, and I can pass down to the boys, and the pink pair should fit next year. Each pair was $5. The regular price was $25 a pair. That is a 67% savings.



The trick is to try and remember what you already have. I am ok about this but am trying to do better. I will be doing a post later about some ways I am trying to improve on this.


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