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Gearing up for summer saving May 17, 2013

Well as I sit here waiting for the morning bell to ring on the last Friday of the school year I am reflecting on what I need to do to save this summer.

I am looking for a new job and I know I have a paycheck until August so the need to build my stockpile now is very important. I have not had time to coupon the last few months due to work and family but now I am ready to go.

To go along with my savings plans I will start a new series called Summer Saving.

Well the kids are here so I should start class.


Indoor Line Drying July 10, 2012

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I deiced to day was the perfect day to strip all the beds and wash all the seats and blankets. My husband comes back from being gone for a month tonight and the kids are out of state with my parents. As I was hanging the sheets I started to think about how much more wash there is going to be with 5 of us and how I was going to keep up line drying this winter with 3 kids and 3 jobs.  I need to save the money if I can because we have all electric in our house – no gas! I do have several line hung in my unfinished basement that I use in the winter and one small folding rack.

I got on Pintreset and my friend had posted a link to the blog Northwest Edible Living and recycled wall mounted drying rack. Here is on of the photos from the blog.

I am so in want/need for this that I don’t know what to do!  I am going to see if I can come up with something like this for our home. It will help so much with all the baby clothes! The lines in the basement will still be good for our big clothes but this wall mounted unit would be a dream!

PS. If you have never used free cycle like she talks about in the blog post you should. It is wonderful. We got a free swing set. Had a little rust on it. We spent $7 on spray paint and it looks amazing and the kids love it!


Why I line dry. June 20, 2012

So people think I am nuts when I tell them I line dry our clothes. I even try to do it in the winter but in Missouri and working full time that can be a little overwhelming some times. For this post I am going to stick with just why I do it.  I will save tips for later and post about winter drying closer to winter.

1. It saves MONEY! I guess that is a no brainier but that is the big reason why. Not only does it save money from not running the dryer it is also less where and tare on your clothes. What do you think dryer lint is?  If you live at our house it is about 30% cat hair and the rest is the fabric your clothes are made of. The heat from the dryer also brakes down the elastic in your socks and underpants. The dryer is a energy hog too!

2. It saves TIME! I know that some people think that is crazy. At first it takes some time to get the hang of it (no pun  intended) but then it is a time saver. It also depends on the weather too.  Today it was 85, there was a 10 mile an hour wind, and there was low humidity. PERFECT!! I did 7 loads of laundry, from gathering it up to putting it away, in about 6 hours. That was with 3 large blankets and 6 towels. I just took one load out of the wash and put the next one in. By the time the next load was washed the first load was dry. If it was not that is fine two I can get two loads on that line at the same time. I have to pay attentions to the weather and do some planing but I is worth it.

3. I get some ME TIME! Lots of time when I go out to the line I get to go alone. My kids will be playing and stay inside. Or I will wash a load the night before and hang it before everyone it awake.  Even if the kids come out with me they will play on the swing set or some times I give them a treat and they eat it on the deck. This lets me clear my head and think about the next thing I need to do. It is also nice when the kids play in the wash that is on the line or help me hang it.

4. It is GREEN! This is the main reason most people think I hang the wash.  I consider this a bonus.  Ok, that is not the PC answer but it is true.  Yep, I do my little bit to save the earth but my big reason I do it is to save some of my hard earned green.

Will hanging the wash work for everyone? No. Even it you just hang some of your wash you will see an improvement. I know last summer my husband and I where shocked at how much we saved a month on our bill. I think we figure it was about $40 a month. The one month it was nice and we did not have the AC on we saved $80 from the year before. What can you do with $40 extra a month?

NOTE: I do dry about one load a week. I have to blankets that I don’t like to line dry and my husband does not like when I hang his work clothes. When I have to run the dryer I try to do it at night when energy is cheaper.


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