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Holiday on a Dime – Easter April 2, 2013

We have never gotten our kids a bunch of “stuff” for Easter. I saw this Nony’s post Non-Clutter Easter Baskets and gave it a read. I was happy to find out that I was doing the suggestions posted! This year I got things for the kids baskets only from the Dollar Tree (one think was from Dollar General) and I tried to stay with an outside theme.

big kids The Big Kid Baskets!

Most everything in their baskets we are also going to use as a part of my Penny Pinching Patio Project. They all got flower bulbs that we need to plant soon with the spades and knee boards I got them. I liked the metal flowers to add some fun color! In the baskets there are also some deli baskets that the kids love to eat out of. There are several restaurants that puts their kids meals in them. The kids have wanted them for a long time and will be good to eat outside with.


The babies basket

The kids are excited to plant and so am I!  Now if it was just warm today. Right now it is 31 out side.


Holidays on a Dime – Groundhog Day March 14, 2013

A few days before Groundhog Day I gave the two big kids a sheet of paper and sent them to their rooms to draw their predictions of what the Groundhog would tell us. The both said spring and so did the Groundhog. The we had two back to back snow storms. The second one left lots of people with no power for up to for days. ( We only went about 8 hours but with electret heat and a 4 month old that’s a long time). I think the are all wrong…I am ready for spring.




Holidays on a dime – Family New Years Eve Party January 1, 2013


This year it was just my husband and the kids for New Years Eve and I was fine with that. After 5 Christmas it was nice to be at home. We had a simple night. Had the kids take an early bath so we could watch Wall-e and have a pick-nick in the family room. We have a tradition of having shrimp cocktail on New Years so that is what we had. The kids also had cherry 7up. I made it look nice! Then my husband and the kids played Scrabble Jr. as I took care of a crabby baby. Kids in bed at 8pm and my husband and I are hanging out.



Holiday on a dime – more wrapping paper ideas December 21, 2012

After my post about homemade wrapping paper and my brown bag name tags I looked at how I had wrapped some other gits.

1. Just the box and some bows. These are both for my daughter so I was not worried about paper or the fact the the stick on bows are crushed. She will love it regardless and it is what she would expect. Both of the boxes are JCP boxes. The stick on bows and the red tag are covering where it says JCP.




2. More home made paper. This is the panted paper I talked about in my homemade wrapping paper post.


3. The classic from when I was a kid was using the funny pages as wrapping paper. Sooooo love this.

funn paper

4. This has nothing to do with paper but you might see that the From on most of the gifts is not “Mom” or “Dad”. In my family you get your gifts from all kinds of  people. My husband and I have fun coming up with who the gifts will be from. My parents did this for my sisters and I when I was a kid. We don’t do Santa so this is a way to keep gift giving fun.


Holiday on a dime – O (simple) Christmas Tree crafts December 19, 2012

My kids both came home with simple, but cute, Christmas Tree crafts. The base of both crafts was construction paper. My daughters just has a green triangle as a tree that she glued several different things on.  My sons tree was just torn bits of paper and decorated with tissue paper. Simple and can be done with things you have around the house.



Holiday on a dime – Homemade/Unique Wrapping paper

Once upon a time I had visions of having the picture perfect wrapped presents under the tree (or for any other event). I quickly came to realize that was never going to happen. As a free lance performer  church choir director, and a music educator December is nuts to say the least. Add three kids and a music educator husband to the mix and its all down hill from there.  I gave up a long time ago. This year I was determined to make the presents fun. One way we are doing this is homemade wrapping paper. We had some large paper that had been used in shipping and I also have been getting brown paper bags at the store. Last night the kids, my husband, and I made some wrapping paper.

wrapping paper w kids

I started out with the kids paining the paper and that was put to an end kind of fast. We had sponges and paint brushes and it got a bit crazy. I will try next year and maybe set better ground rules before we start. Here are the three that the kids made with the paint. Not the best but they like them. The point is they are hand made not what they look like. (I say that and I wanted them to look better but I love them because the kids made it).


After I took the paint away I got out the crayons. This went much better. The kids made some and so did my husband and I.


This is what the kids made


My husband did the one with the stripes and I did the trees

My son has a gift swap at school so he made paper for that gift. I wrapped it last night and it look cute! I was worried that they would not look nice when wrapped but I was wrong.


We have not made any paper with the brown bags yet but you get the idea. I did make gift tags with the brown bags last night.  I also plan on using the funny pages form the Sunday paper. We did this a lot as a kids. Remember that you don’t have to use this paper for everyone on your gift list. You can just use it at home or with family that will love the fact that your little one made the paper. This project was free so you can go wrong. There is no wrong way to make wrapping paper. Be creative! Please post picks of your home made paper. I will make a post with some of the other fun things we do with gifts.


Holiday on a dime – Brown bag gift tags



Its 9:30 in a town where everything closes at 9pm…you are wrapping gifts that have to go to school the next day….you go to put name tags on the gifts only to find that you have NONE!!! Panic sets in and then you remember that you are creative and this is not going to stand in your way!

This is what happened to me last night. I then remembered that I had some brown paper bags I was going to make wrapping paper with .  I got out a bag and cut it open. I traced a star cookie cutter and cut it out. I then when around the star with a red sharpie and filled out the tag. I could have put glitter or other fun things on the tag too but it was late and the baby was going to need to eat soon. When my daughter saw the tags this morning she wanted to know where I got them. She thought they were cool and like the fact that I made them.

You can get a lot of tags out of one bag. Best thing about this project you ask?  It is free! Just get paper bags at the store a couple of times and you are set.

gift tags


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