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Giving on a budget May 4, 2013

My family is on the tightest budget it  has ever bin on. After several months of lost pay due to bed rest and then the medical bills that go with having a baby their is nothing extra at the end of the month. I still want to show my children that it is important to give to other is need. I think that this is even more important after people gave of their time and resources to my family when I was unable to cook or take care of my older children when I was on bed rest.

Sadly the sister of one of the family’s that has helped us out house burned to to ground. It was a total loss. When I got the email about this and knew that we needed to help. After taking to my friend I realized that I had an old blender that I don’t use in the basement and found out they needed personal care items. That is where I could help!


This is the photo of things that I came up with to give. I also gave them the blender and some dryer sheets. I did not pay more then a dollar for any thing in the photo and most of it was free. These where all things I had in my stock pile from couponing that I knew I would not miss.

The food bank in town also takes personal items to help the local families. They are in need of egg cartons right now and that does not cost me a thing ( I was getting the eggs for us anyway). I also got several 4oz Similac bottles as freebies or free with coupons that I am going to pass on as well.

My children have helped me drop off donations or collect thinning at the house. I hope this helps show my children that helping others, even when things are tight, is an important thing.  I also believe in the saying “what goes around comes around” and with all the help we have gotten from others in hard times this is the least that I can do.



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