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Busy Bag – Counting Eggs January 5, 2013

Counting Eggs


With Easter not that far off I thought it was a good time to post this busy bag. I got these eggs in the Dollar Spot at Target last Easter. These are the small ones so there are 18 total. All you have to do is us a sharpie to put the number on the bottom part of the egg and the corresponding number of dots on the top part. I chose to miss match to colors of the eggs so my 3 year old had to count and could not use the colors to help him. I love cheep learning tools!


Box Tops For Education Storage January 3, 2013

At our house we keep or Box Tops For Education and Labels For Education to help support my daughters elementary. Having an easy way to store them until we send them to school was a challenge at first. I had box tops and labels all over the kitchen. I had made some containers that I had made that had worked well but I decided to improve on them. Having lots of formula containers around I decided to use the small sample size cans to make new storage for them.


I used a small knife to cut a slit in the top that the box tops and labels will fit in. Make sure that you test it the labels are much bigger then I thought.


I then covered the cans in Duct Tape and used some name labels that I had at the house to mark what goes in each container,


These are much nicer then what I was using before. I can stack them in the cabinet in my kitchen that I use as a command center. I keep the box tops on the top of the stack because I tend to have more of them.


Cereal box file box January 2, 2013

I needed some place to store 5 different classes Music Portfolios. The portfolios are simple file folders that the students have decorated that we keep their work from the year in and then it will follow them until the go to the middle school. I start this in 4th grade and they will get to take it home at the end of 6th grade. I did not want to spend a lot of budget money on something to hold them because I have several other music things I would like to get. This is my solution.


I tool cereal box and used clear tape to patch up the side. NOTE: I wish I had done it with the Duct Tape to make it stronger on that side.


Then I cut off one of the long sides of the box so that the file folders will just slip in. After that I covered the box with Duct Tape. I could see the writing on the through the purple so I decided to use more black.  I plan on using a white mailing sticker to put the class name and grade on the box but I left them at school. Now I just have to get some more cereal boxes so I can do the other classes.


Crayon box from Duct Tape and an old box

I was cleaning my elementary classroom today after my extended leave getting ready from the first day back from wither brake. Because I had only been a school for three weeks before I left I still had lots of things I had not gotten done. One of those things was organize a quick way to hand out crayons to the kids. Being a music teacher we don’t have desk or tables that the kids sit at. They sit on the ground! We don’t use crayons all the time so to save money I get the discarded crayons from the art room or that I have purged from my kids at home. All I had was an ice cream bucket of crayons and that was not working.  I thought of several different things I had seen on Pinterest and hit the clearance at Wal-Mart and this is what I came up with.

Here are my supplies: Popcorn box from the recycle bin at school, ice cream cups that where on clearance at Wal-Mart for 75 cents, and  two colors of Duct Tape.



This was fast an easy. First I cut off the flaps from the box (I did save the cardboard never know when I might need that). Then I simply covered that box with the tape. Then I put one pack of the cups in the box.


There are eight cups in the pack and only seven fit. The nice thing is the box is deep so I can go two high if I think I need to.



I will decide how many cups I want when I get to school tomorrow and fill them with crayons.  This should work well. I can had one student the box and have them hand the cups to each group to share!


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