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Home Summer School May 30, 2013



This year K is going to summer school. This will be the first year normally we do it at home.  She is excited because she will get a jump on 3rd grade (and she cried on the last day of school because she did not want it to be summer….something is wrong with that kid.) E will still go to daycare most of the time. I still have to pay to keep his spot for the school year and he loves playing with his friends. I do not send him all the time. This week he only ended up going two days because of family activities and make up dance lessons. The baby is home all summer. He is changing child care providers so we saw this as a good way to work on his development with some one on one time and to save some cash! I still need to have some activities for the kids to do so they are just not in front of the TV or trying to get on my iPad.  K summer school only goes until the end of June so I still have all of July and August to work with them.

We have some busy bags that I need to get out so we all remember they are there. I am going to make them Summer Binders with work book pages and make an award to put at the back and a coupon to get an ice cream at the Dollar General. We also have rehears for a production of South Pacific that the big kids are in. It is an hour drive and it is a professional theater so it will be a good learning experience for them.  They are not in the show much so there will be some down time and the Summer Binders will be a big help with that I think.

Like I said in my post yesterday we do the library and Barnes and Noble reading programs. (We got the Barnes and Noble one for K yesterday and she had completed it).  I look for other activities for us to do as well. I have pined some things on Pinterest that I am going to look at too.

I read this blog post by   called Do-It-Yourself Summer Camp. It had some good ideas and some were like things I have done in the past. I love keeping journals. One summer we had a food journal, a field trip journal, and a nature journal. This was when K was in preschool so she drew all of her journals.

I will post updates as I get things done. I plan on starting this Sunday or Monday. Sunday starts the 42 day stretch that my husband is gone so I will need all the structure I can get.



Busy Bag – Spice Container fine motor skills January 13, 2013


This is a super simple busy bag to make.  All you need is an empty (and clean) spice container and some pipe cleaners. Simply cut the pipe cleaners so they will fit inside the spice container so your child can put them through the holes in the top.  My three year old still likes to play with this some. He can take the lid off and put it back on so he will do it over and over. I plan on keeping this in my diaper bag when the baby is ready for it so I always have something for him to do.



Busy Bag – Counting Eggs January 5, 2013

Counting Eggs


With Easter not that far off I thought it was a good time to post this busy bag. I got these eggs in the Dollar Spot at Target last Easter. These are the small ones so there are 18 total. All you have to do is us a sharpie to put the number on the bottom part of the egg and the corresponding number of dots on the top part. I chose to miss match to colors of the eggs so my 3 year old had to count and could not use the colors to help him. I love cheep learning tools!


Busy Bag Storage

I have seen many ways to store busy bags. In our family room we have a tall cabinet that has the kids toys in it. I keep a basket on top of the cabinet that has all of the buys bags for my 3 year old in it. When he get board he will just ask for the blue basket. If I think he needs something to keep him out of trouble I had him the blue basket. This is what works for us. How do you store your busy bags? Leave a comment and let use know. I would love to get some more ideas on how to store them. 021


Busy Bag – Color and Number Match January 1, 2013

This is the busy bag that my 3 year old likes the best so far. I made a circle using a Honey Bunches of Oats Box.


I then covers the brown side with a white peace of paper and divided it in to 8 sections. I have see this done with just number and just colors  but I decided to to both – two games in one!


In the sections I put dots to represent the number 1 – 8 and did each section in its own color. I then took 8 clothes pens and on one side I put a number and on the other I put a color. I did NOT match the color and the number. I did not want him to just match the color and not count the numbers. I also put the name of the color on the clothes pen so he could begin to learn what the word looked like with the color.


The pack of clothes pins was a $1 and I did not use the entire pack. This project cost me less then $1 and my son has gotten lots of enjoyment out of it. Not to bad if you ask me!





Busy Bags – Activity Sticks December 31, 2012

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One of the first busy bags I made was for my 7 year old daughter.  She is always board and has nothing to do. (We will not talk about the fact her room is filled with books that she loves to read) I took some large Popsicle sticks and listed several activities she could do so she is not board.  Now when she says she is board I tell her to go pick a stick and she has to do the first one she picks. I  have them in a small zip top bag that she knows the location of. Here are some examples of what we have on the sticks.

5 min clean up

wright a letter to your teacher

wright a letter to a family member

draw a map of one room in the house

work on spelling words

do math flash cards

wright a story

make a book

We plan on adding more as we go but this is a good start!



Busy Bags AKA Learning Bags October 10, 2012

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With the new baby on the way I have had a lot to think about. One of those things is how am I going to keep the other two busy when I am doing things around the house or with the baby. I had learned about Busy Bags from the blog Money Saving Mom over the summer and loved the idea just did not have a lot of time to do anything about it. Well bed rest to the rescue. I spent and INSANE amount of time on Pinterest pinning ideas for all of the age groups I would need. I have made some and the kids are LOVING them so far. I have some more to make and will be blogging about them soon.  Be on the look out.


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