When Do I Sit Down?

Modern mom just trying to make it!

33 year old mother of 3 July 8, 2013

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Well in less then 24 hours I will be 33. I do believe that age is just a number and I don’t really make plans about what I want to have accomplished by any age. ( I only had one goal and that was to be done having kids at 30 – we had a baby in November so that did not work)

The last year was a mess with an unexpected pregnancy , new job, and bed rest. My life, and my family, spent most of the year is total upheaval trying to figure out, in 4 months, how are life was going to work with a 5th person. With the loss of income from bed rest I made 1/2 of what we where planing and added a baby to the mix.

I sit here on vacation on Edisto Island, SC with my kids, sisters and there partners, and my mom and step dad and think about how lucky I am. (Wish my husband was able to come but he has one last trip to KS to compleat his Masters) I have a family that has stood by me during this last year and has be generous with their time, love, and even money at times.

This is my new start. New baby, new AMAZING job, and so much to look forward too. Here come my big kids so I am going to stop here and play with them. Got to spend the time with them when I can.


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