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Summer Purge – Donation June 3, 2013

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One of my main goals for this summer is to purge the things we don’t need any more. We have stuffed animals that have been in storage for years, cloths of Ks I need to pass on, bang stuff people passed on to us I will never use, and baby stuff we are done with. (Luckily my little sister got married last year and wants all of the baby and maternity stuff! )

Today I loaded up my car with stuff to drop off tomorrow.


The bags on the left go to my husbands aunt for her little girl. The stuff on the right will go to a local place that takes donations. My living room is just full of stuff right now but I have to keep it where I can see it or I will never get it done. This make my husband crazy so it is a good thing he is out of town!


2 Responses to “Summer Purge – Donation”

  1. SFriant Says:

    How do you decide what stays and what goes? Especially when it comes to your kids’ stuff?

  2. hmyers1 Says:

    I don’t get that attached to things. If there are toys I have the kids go through them and keep what the want and we donate or store the rest. After things have been in storage for a bit I will sometimes donate it when they have not seen it in a year or two. I know the people that I give most of my stuff to and I know it is going to a good home and that it is appreciated so it is not that hard for me. Most of all we just don’t have room to hold on to a bunch of stuff. If there is something I am not sure I am ready to get rid of I hold on to if for a few months and if I still feel like I want it I keep it…if not I donate. I also know that I have cloths coming for the boys so I have to get rid of the baby stuff to make room for the things we will need.

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