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The Cost of Convenience May 4, 2013

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I had to stay at school late for a function a few weeks ago and in order to save money I packed a salad. That was one of the days I packed all three meals. I decided that I needed a little something else to add to my dinner. I had to get gas and decided to pay inside so I could check out the chips and drinks. I was SHOCK at how much things really cost at the gas station. I then remembered that this is a Dollar General in town. I payed for my gas…got in my car…and went to the DG. For $2 I got a box of Wales and a Snapple. For $2 I could not have even gotten the crackers at the gas station. Just a little extra time saved me a lot of money!



One Response to “The Cost of Convenience”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    It’s shocking how much of a difference the gas stations prices are from other places. We have a Dollar Tree in town and I love some of the items I can get for quick snacks.

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