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Penny Pinching Patio Project – The beginning March 28, 2013



This lovey photo is of the side of my house. We have a extra slab next to the one car garage. We spend a lot of time here when the weather is nice. Because we are in the country we don’t have a side walk and it is the only flat place we have to do anything. I have a love hate relationship about this space. We use it a lot but is so bland. My goal is to make this a patio that we can use. I have no real budget for this so I need to do it as cheep as possible. My husband is gone for a month during the summer and works half days in July (I love that we teach but still end up working a good portion of the summer).  I can tell you right now the trampoline is not staying there. My husband and I can’t stand the way it looks there. It was a Christmas gift so we are still trying to find the right spot.  We will also put up a pool for the kids that will not come out of my budget.

GOAL: To make a family friendly patio for free or super cheep. 


1. Some shade! This is on the East side of the house and is in FULL sun for most of the day.

2. Seating. I need something that will not blow away in the crazy wind storms we have in Missouri. It needs to be cheep and not take up a lot of room. (would like to still be able to pull a car part way into the space)

3. Flowers. We use the small flat space to the right of the patio for our garden but would like to add some flowers in planters to add some color and soften things some.

4. Table. I have to have some place for the kids to eat and drink that will not blow away. We have a little plastic picnic table on the deck but if it gets windy it takes off from time to time.


1. Hiding the shed. Love that we have that rusty old thing but man it is ugly.

2. Some outside toy storage. Having to take things in and out of the garage is hard with the three kids. I would like to have something that the kids can get in and out of if I am inside with the baby. (thinking something like a deck box but they cost A LOT of money)

3. Better inside storage for toys.

4. Movable, but sturdy, privacy fence. I know it will not be a fence but would like something that we could use to get some privacy from the street.


I have spent some time on Pinterst getting ideas and I am very excited. Now if all the snow would melt and it would warm up!

Have any tips that might help a girl out? Leave a comment!



Holidays on a Dime – Groundhog Day March 14, 2013

A few days before Groundhog Day I gave the two big kids a sheet of paper and sent them to their rooms to draw their predictions of what the Groundhog would tell us. The both said spring and so did the Groundhog. The we had two back to back snow storms. The second one left lots of people with no power for up to for days. ( We only went about 8 hours but with electret heat and a 4 month old that’s a long time). I think the are all wrong…I am ready for spring.




Be on the look out!

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You never know what you are going to find when you are out shopping. I am on the lookout for a good deal all the time. In fact my 7 year old daughter goes to the clearance section in every store we shop at because she knows that is where the “good stuff” is.

The other day I was a Goodwill looking for some baby clothes for a friend but I had to go to the back and look at the big items. I found a name brand double stroller for $15. It is missing on canopy and a cup holder but for $15 I don’t care! This is going to make things so much simpler for me when I have the three kids for a good chunk of the summer by my self. I wanted a double stroller but it is not in out budget at this point.


Today I was shopping at the dented discount food store in our small town. You never know what you are going to find there….it is so much fun! I found the formula we use in a 8 pack of 3 oz ready to use bottles for $4. It gets better….she sold me the case for $18! The case was 8 of the 8 pack flats. Most of the time I don’t get the pre made but this was worth it to me. I scored a good deal and shopped local! WIN!


I was not looking for these deals when I found them but you have to grab something like that when you see it. Just remember to keep your eyes open!


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