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Saving Money On Clothes – End of season clearance January 28, 2013

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We have been lucky and not had much snow this year. In fact it was all most 70 today. This time most years we have about 4-6 in of snow on the ground. Over the weekend I got to go to Marshells and hit the clearance rack. I love the clearance rack and Marshells is one of my favorite (Target is another one I love). My 3 year old has several heavy coats but has no snow pants. I was so happy when I found a heavy coat AND snow pants for $10.



The best part is he will be able to where them for two years. The pants are adjustable and he is a skinny thing (for dance class he has 24 month shorts that I got for $2 on clearance at Target).   It pays to take the time to check the clearance section you never know what you are going to fine. Two weeks ago I got two NFL jerseys for my son for $3 each.  Talk about some major savings and a happy kid!


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