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Hand me down organization January 28, 2013

I am sooooooooo lucky to have a sister in law and an aunt (both on my husbands side) that have boys that are older then mine. My sister in law has four boys ranging in age from 11 – 2 and my aunt has a 7 year old. They have given me more bags of hand me downs then I can even count. I have clothes ranging from New Born to a child’s size 8. That being said I have to have some way to keep them organized so they get used. I was bad about this at first and missed three bags of 2T clothes.

After moving into our house we found out that our basement floods – A LOT!! There is a wet bar in the basement that we never use due to the flooding. It now has all of my hand me downs boxed and labeled. I love it I know where everything is.


Not the best looking photo be this is downstairs and other people don’t go down there. My clothes lines are in the way of the photo too – Oh well. I put on each box what size the clothes are and any other info that would help. I also put HAS ROOM on the boxes if there is still room for more clothes. I then have them on the bar in the order that I will need them.



You might also wounder where do I get all of the boxes? I save all of the empty diaper and wipe boxes we have. I also save good boxes from when we get gifts (like the Vitamix box – got it from my mom LOVE HER). The other boxes are from the local super market. I know the manager so he saves them for me. All you need to do is call and see if they have boxes that you can come pick up. Free storage!



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