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Box Tops For Education Storage January 3, 2013

At our house we keep or Box Tops For Education and Labels For Education to help support my daughters elementary. Having an easy way to store them until we send them to school was a challenge at first. I had box tops and labels all over the kitchen. I had made some containers that I had made that had worked well but I decided to improve on them. Having lots of formula containers around I decided to use the small sample size cans to make new storage for them.


I used a small knife to cut a slit in the top that the box tops and labels will fit in. Make sure that you test it the labels are much bigger then I thought.


I then covered the cans in Duct Tape and used some name labels that I had at the house to mark what goes in each container,


These are much nicer then what I was using before. I can stack them in the cabinet in my kitchen that I use as a command center. I keep the box tops on the top of the stack because I tend to have more of them.


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