When Do I Sit Down?

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Save money – Shop out of season January 2, 2013

Today I had some unexpected free time and made a trip to Wal-Mart to get some things we needed. When I was there I hit the clearance section. I do this almost every time I go there (or any other store) I have save lots of money on many things my family needs by doing this.

Today I found water shoes for all of the kids. I got one of every size for the boys and the large size for my daughter. The all blue pare was $1.50 and the other three pairs where $1 each! The total cost before clearance was $28.92 my total was $4.50. Total savings of 85%. Got to love that!!!



This summer there was an end cap clearance in the shoes section that had winter boots. I got two pairs for my daughter. The black pair fits her now, and I can pass down to the boys, and the pink pair should fit next year. Each pair was $5. The regular price was $25 a pair. That is a 67% savings.



The trick is to try and remember what you already have. I am ok about this but am trying to do better. I will be doing a post later about some ways I am trying to improve on this.


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