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Cereal box file box January 2, 2013

I needed some place to store 5 different classes Music Portfolios. The portfolios are simple file folders that the students have decorated that we keep their work from the year in and then it will follow them until the go to the middle school. I start this in 4th grade and they will get to take it home at the end of 6th grade. I did not want to spend a lot of budget money on something to hold them because I have several other music things I would like to get. This is my solution.


I tool cereal box and used clear tape to patch up the side. NOTE: I wish I had done it with the Duct Tape to make it stronger on that side.


Then I cut off one of the long sides of the box so that the file folders will just slip in. After that I covered the box with Duct Tape. I could see the writing on the through the purple so I decided to use more black.  I plan on using a white mailing sticker to put the class name and grade on the box but I left them at school. Now I just have to get some more cereal boxes so I can do the other classes.


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