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New Year – ready…or not? January 1, 2013

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I am sitting here, in my quite house, going through the mental check list of things I have to do before tomorrow.  What is tomorrow? My first day back to work in about four months. After 8 weeks of bed rest and 8 weeks home with the baby tomorrow is the day. My lunch and breakfast are packed, to go coffee cup is at the ready, stuff for the babies new sitter in the car (so I don’t forget it), first semester grades completed and turned in, and lesson plans done. On paper I am ready. I was only at this school for three weeks when I had to take leave so going back is like starting new all over. There have been many ups and down is the time I have been off. I am doing the best I can to focus on the positive and not dwell on the unknown of how I am going to make this work.

When I get up in the morning it is truly going to be a new day and a new chapter of my life.

Mother of 3 – 7 years, 3 years, and 2 months

High School and Elementary Vocal music director

Church Choir Director

Adjunct Prof. Of Education with two online class (one I am teaching for the first time)

Wife of a band director

I know there is much more to my life than that and that I am defined by more then this. But when I look at that list I think “How is this possible? How can I make this work?”  We will see my friends and I hope you are there to see me through and lend me support. I will do my best to give you an up date tomorrow night on how it went. It is a Wednesday so I have church choir after my first full day of teaching in four months…I may pass out as soon as I get home!


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