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Busy Bag – Color and Number Match January 1, 2013

This is the busy bag that my 3 year old likes the best so far. I made a circle using a Honey Bunches of Oats Box.


I then covers the brown side with a white peace of paper and divided it in to 8 sections. I have see this done with just number and just colors  but I decided to to both – two games in one!


In the sections I put dots to represent the number 1 – 8 and did each section in its own color. I then took 8 clothes pens and on one side I put a number and on the other I put a color. I did NOT match the color and the number. I did not want him to just match the color and not count the numbers. I also put the name of the color on the clothes pen so he could begin to learn what the word looked like with the color.


The pack of clothes pins was a $1 and I did not use the entire pack. This project cost me less then $1 and my son has gotten lots of enjoyment out of it. Not to bad if you ask me!





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