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Holiday on a dime – more wrapping paper ideas December 21, 2012

After my post about homemade wrapping paper and my brown bag name tags I looked at how I had wrapped some other gits.

1. Just the box and some bows. These are both for my daughter so I was not worried about paper or the fact the the stick on bows are crushed. She will love it regardless and it is what she would expect. Both of the boxes are JCP boxes. The stick on bows and the red tag are covering where it says JCP.




2. More home made paper. This is the panted paper I talked about in my homemade wrapping paper post.


3. The classic from when I was a kid was using the funny pages as wrapping paper. Sooooo love this.

funn paper

4. This has nothing to do with paper but you might see that the From on most of the gifts is not “Mom” or “Dad”. In my family you get your gifts from all kinds of  people. My husband and I have fun coming up with who the gifts will be from. My parents did this for my sisters and I when I was a kid. We don’t do Santa so this is a way to keep gift giving fun.


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