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Holiday on a dime – Homemade/Unique Wrapping paper December 19, 2012

Once upon a time I had visions of having the picture perfect wrapped presents under the tree (or for any other event). I quickly came to realize that was never going to happen. As a free lance performer  church choir director, and a music educator December is nuts to say the least. Add three kids and a music educator husband to the mix and its all down hill from there.  I gave up a long time ago. This year I was determined to make the presents fun. One way we are doing this is homemade wrapping paper. We had some large paper that had been used in shipping and I also have been getting brown paper bags at the store. Last night the kids, my husband, and I made some wrapping paper.

wrapping paper w kids

I started out with the kids paining the paper and that was put to an end kind of fast. We had sponges and paint brushes and it got a bit crazy. I will try next year and maybe set better ground rules before we start. Here are the three that the kids made with the paint. Not the best but they like them. The point is they are hand made not what they look like. (I say that and I wanted them to look better but I love them because the kids made it).


After I took the paint away I got out the crayons. This went much better. The kids made some and so did my husband and I.


This is what the kids made


My husband did the one with the stripes and I did the trees

My son has a gift swap at school so he made paper for that gift. I wrapped it last night and it look cute! I was worried that they would not look nice when wrapped but I was wrong.


We have not made any paper with the brown bags yet but you get the idea. I did make gift tags with the brown bags last night.  I also plan on using the funny pages form the Sunday paper. We did this a lot as a kids. Remember that you don’t have to use this paper for everyone on your gift list. You can just use it at home or with family that will love the fact that your little one made the paper. This project was free so you can go wrong. There is no wrong way to make wrapping paper. Be creative! Please post picks of your home made paper. I will make a post with some of the other fun things we do with gifts.


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