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Holiday on a dime – Brown bag gift tags December 19, 2012



Its 9:30 in a town where everything closes at 9pm…you are wrapping gifts that have to go to school the next day….you go to put name tags on the gifts only to find that you have NONE!!! Panic sets in and then you remember that you are creative and this is not going to stand in your way!

This is what happened to me last night. I then remembered that I had some brown paper bags I was going to make wrapping paper with .  I got out a bag and cut it open. I traced a star cookie cutter and cut it out. I then when around the star with a red sharpie and filled out the tag. I could have put glitter or other fun things on the tag too but it was late and the baby was going to need to eat soon. When my daughter saw the tags this morning she wanted to know where I got them. She thought they were cool and like the fact that I made them.

You can get a lot of tags out of one bag. Best thing about this project you ask?  It is free! Just get paper bags at the store a couple of times and you are set.

gift tags


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