When Do I Sit Down?

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Weekly Activity Planer December 14, 2012

I have started doing a craft or activity with my kids in the evening. It has made nights much simpler and the kids have had a blast. I have had the time to plan during the day because I am on maternity leave but I know when I go back to work it will be harder to keep up with. I decided that I needed to make a planer to help keep track of what I have planed. I made it to show two weeks at a time. I know when I meal plan I like to do one week at a time but be able to put things on the next week if we have a good idea. I also like to put the date on things so I left room next to the day of the week for the date. If I don’t use the activity I can move it to the next week. I also added a shopping list for each week. I try to use things I have around the house as much a possible but if it is something special you may need to get some things.  Click the link below to down load your free copy.

Activity Planer


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