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Holidays on a dime – Hand me down gifts December 14, 2012

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I know what you are thinking “I don’t want a hand me down as a gift.” or “That is so tacky”. Well you are right it can be but if done in the right way it can be effective and people can be very happy about what they get. This year I know we are doing two hand me down gifts at our house.

My 7 year old daughter is going to wrap up her Tag pen and all of her Tag books to give to her 3 year old brother. She does not use it any more and he love to use it when he can get his hands on it. I know there are lots of girl books but he will not care. It also gives me the ability  to tell others he needs books for the Tag. I am also keeping a eye out in the clearance section at Wal-Mart because I have found good deals on Tag boos there in the past.


I will be giving my daughter my Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books. She loves to read and I know she will like these books. I do not have the new one yet but I hope I get that for Christmas. (I spent 7 years teaching middle school and those books capture middle school just right – so funny!!!) She is reading the Origami Yoda books right now that are hand me downs form me and she likes them a lot.


We also have a new born and we do not plan on getting him anything. My husband and I are fine with that and the baby does not care. I do have several boxes of hand me down toys that where given to us. I plan on wrapping some of them and putting them under the tree so the big kids feel like he is included.

Within our family we give hand me down toys and clothes as gifts. We get some new things and gives some used. The kids don’t mind. The kids are just happy they have something new to them. In fact I will be taking a big bag of girl cloths to Christmas with me to give to my husbands aunt for her 4 year old. I have also gotten many good hand me down gifts from my mom when she upgrades something.


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