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Holidays on a dime – “Gingerbread” Houses December 13, 2012

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Kids love gingerbread house! I on the other hand don’t love the time it takes to make real gingerbread so we do it the lazy way with gram crackers.

We have made the basses of the house several different ways. We have covered Happy Meal boxes and the small school milk cartons with grams before and last year I just made the houses with grams. Both worked well. Just a matter of what you have.

Christmas prep 2009 005

This was my daughter’s house in 2009. The big house is the Happy Meal box and the small house is the milk.

This year I did have to get candy for our houses. Normally we just use the Halloween candy that my kids trade in for books. This year when I was on bed rest it got put in the trash and not saved. I spent $5 on candy and white icing. We had the gram crackers. I just cut up a box to get the cardboard for the base. That makes my cost $2.50 a house. I build the house and when I don”t have a milk box under it I try to give it several hours to dry. We did not have time to do that so we had to decorate carefully this year.   My daughter collapsed her roof at one point and I had to redo it. I helped my three year old with his. He told me what to put where and I put the decorations on. We have a lot of every year doing this and the kids look forward to it!

Here are this years houses. My three year old’s is on the left and my 7 year old’s is on the right. They may not be the best looking houses but that is not the point! We had a lot of fun.



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