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Holidays on a dime – Star of David Decorations December 11, 2012

The kids made this cute and easy Star of David decorations to hang on their doors. I did most of the hard work because I wanted it to be easy and simple for the kids. We did thins on a week night and I was the only parent home with the kids.

First I found a Star of David that was the size I wanted and traced it and cut it out to make a template.


Then I folded some blue paper in half and cut out 6 stars.



I gave the kids some white paint and a q-tip. I let the kids paint the starts with the q-tips.

Because the paint is thin it drys fast and you just put the q-tips in the trash! You could put the paint is little disposable cups if you wanted to make clean up even faster.

Here is what they look like! We used ribbon to hang them form the door frame.



I spent $1 on paint (it had 6 colors and I plan on using it for some other projects too) and had the rest of the things we needed at home! Cheep and fun.

On my daughters door you also see the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar we made and our Bow Wreath from the kids Christmas Party.


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