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Holidays on a dime – Giving December 10, 2012

We need to remember that this is the season of giving. There are lots of ways that you and your family can give without spending much money.

1. Clean house – You and your family will be getting gifts this time of year. Take some time a clean out the toys, books, clothes that you are not using anymore. Give them to a charity or a friend that you know will use them. My daughter does not use her Tag much any more and my 3 year old son loves it. My daughter is going to wrap it and give it to her brother for Christmas. My kids also like giving things to their day cares that way they still get to play with the toy but it is also being used by other kids. I have also donated things to are local Parents As Teachers and my kids classrooms. Teachers will like a bag of old books better then a candle or the 15th apple t-shirt.

2. Give of your time or talents –  There are many organizations that just need people to help hand things out or organized things. Think about being a bell ringer or working at the food bank. Do you love to act or sing? See if there is a group in the community that is doing any holiday performances that you could help with. Love to knit, sew, or croshay? See if there is a group that needs blankets, scarves, or hats to help keep others warm this winter.

3. Don’t for get the dollar store – No this is not being cheep. We have a Christmas Buddy from a local nursing home. We got a list of things that she liked. I took the older kids to the dollar store and for $10 we got her 10 things on her list. The candy and soap we got her where all name brand. The kids had fun picking things out for her and helped remind my kids that this is about giving to others.

4. Coupons – You know all the free stuff that you have gotten from couponing this is a good time to check you stock and see what you can clean out. I got extra deodorant (at the dollar store) for free that we do not need. I am going to pass it on to the food bank in town to give to those that need it. There are several other products I have done this with in the past. I will also be using some of the things I have for or Christmas Buddy. Think about other people that you have on your list that can benefit from your free items.


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