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Holidays on a dime – Bow Wreaths December 6, 2012

My husband and I went to my church choir Christmas party and my kids where so sad that it was for adults only (note: my KIDS where sad….I was cool with it). I told them they could have a Christmas party with the sitter. I left them treat bags and a craft. As of the morning of the party I had no clue what I was going to leave for the craft. I was watching Good Morning America as I gave the baby his morning bottle and the show Bow Wreaths. They where so simple. Take a round piece of cardboard and put gift bows on it.  SCORE! Easy for the kids and the sitter and we have something fun to hang up!!!  Here is how we did it.

I uses an empty 24 pack soda box to make the cardboard rings. I used a small plate and a cup to make the rounds and then I cut them out.


On the back of each round I put each kids name and the date. I figure I will put them in the decorations box and we can hang them next year.


I got two bags of gift bows for $1. They where the kind that have the sticker back but we did end up using some tape on them. They were done they were very cute and the kids hung them on there doors. Best part of the craft hands down was that it cost me $1!!!



This is the wreath my 7 year old made! The OCD in me can’t handle the fact you can see the card board but she loves it.


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