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Holidays on a dime – Community events December 5, 2012

We are all looking for ways to make memories during the holiday season. Make sure to check what events are going on in your community or a community close by. Check you local paper and web pages for your local channels for an events calendar  Our local NPR station has a  good events calendar too. In our town there is a Christmas parade every year and they even do crafts with the kids. The next town over has a community that does a Christmas Cantata every year. Below is a list of some things to think about.

High School band/choir/orchestra concerts

College/University band/choir/orchestra concerts


Bass Pro


Local mall/shopping center

Community band/choir/orchestra concerts

Library (remember you can check out holiday books and movies too!!)

City park light displays

This is just a quick list and every community will have diffident things going on.  Some will be free and some may have a small fee. A town close to us has a very cool light display at the city park and they ask for a donation to a local charity. What community events do you attend? What can we add to the list?


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