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Alton Brown’s Tuna Croquettes December 4, 2012

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Last night for dinner we had Alton Brown’s Tuna Croquettes. The kids and I loved them. I did make some modifications based on what I had on hand. I left out the green onions because I did not want to go to the store but normally I would have used them.  I also used regular bread crumbs, canned tuna, line juice, and added some garlic. My daughter and I think they need some more spice to them but we can fix that next time. They where not hard to make at all and I will be making them in the future. My daughter and I also talked about making them with canned chicken and leftover fish (like salmon!). I did not get any photos taken because I had the three kids by myself as I was cooking, Adding a camera to that could have been a recipe for disaster. What are your favorite tuna recipes?


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