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Holidays on a dime – Kids Christmas Party December 2, 2012

Every year a member of the church choir I direct opens there home for a choir Christmas party. This year my kids wanted to go but it is an adult only party. I told them they could have a little party with our sitter. They where excited but now I had to come up with a party for a 3 and 7 year old that our sitter could handle. I left them treat bags and a simple craft to do. They also listed to the radio station that plays all Christmas music. They also had some left over meat and cheese that did not fit on out platters.



I had the white bags so I just decorated them for the party. (Please remember that I am a music teacher not an art teacher). To fill the bags I just looked around the kitchen to see what I had. I popped a bag of pop corn and split it between the three bags. The kids love hot coco and that is not something we do that often. The treat bags cost me nothing!

I also left them a craft that I will tell you more about in another post. They made bow wreaths. I did have to get some bows that you would use to wrap presents with but they were two 30 count bags for $1.

I asked the sitter and the kids how they party was. They all had a good time and it cost me $1!  Not to bad!


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