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Resolutions for 2013 – Improve You! December 31, 2012

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I have decided that my theme for 2013 is………….. Improve You! 

I am going to try to do small things to improve my life. I am going to hold my self accountable but not set goals that are unobtainable.  I plan on printing of one page yearly calenders for each goal to mark off the days/weeks/months that I have done what I needed to do. Here are the goals.

1. Live a more active life stile.  — I need to loos about 30 lb but I don’t want to stress about numbers. I will be checking my weight and keeping track of it. I hope to be active on 50% or more of the days in each month.

2. Work on organizing my home. — I will be doing this by particaping in the Monthly Organization Challenge from DaNita over at Delighful Order. (Very EXCITED!!)

3. Have international night once a month. — My daughter and I had the idea that we should have a food from one nation that we have not had. We also want to try and fined a movie or activity that goes with it.

4. Become a more educated professional. — I have my Masters in Education but I feel that in the last year I have not expanded my knowledge of the things that I teach. I will read one article, or part of a book, about educational technology and music education.

I think this is good for me. I have some other things that I would like to work on too but these are the biggies. Leave a comment below and let us know what your resolutions are and how you plan to accomplish them.

Happy New year and lets see what 2013 brings!



Busy Bags – Activity Sticks

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One of the first busy bags I made was for my 7 year old daughter.  She is always board and has nothing to do. (We will not talk about the fact her room is filled with books that she loves to read) I took some large Popsicle sticks and listed several activities she could do so she is not board.  Now when she says she is board I tell her to go pick a stick and she has to do the first one she picks. I  have them in a small zip top bag that she knows the location of. Here are some examples of what we have on the sticks.

5 min clean up

wright a letter to your teacher

wright a letter to a family member

draw a map of one room in the house

work on spelling words

do math flash cards

wright a story

make a book

We plan on adding more as we go but this is a good start!



New Year Prep!

Spending the day cleaning the house to start the New Year off with a big  smile on our faces. Not much else to do with the winter wounder we have in our backyard right now! My husband is going to take the big kids out later.  Getting together some things for our little family New Years celebration. Sill have to complete my resolutions…nothing like putting things off to the last second! 011This is our back yard right now and there is more on the way!

I have gotten some small projects done to blog about and I will have a project with the kids for tonight to blog about too! Be on the look out.


Pin me on Pinterest December 21, 2012

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I now have a Pinterest Page for When do I sit down. Check it out and follow me!


Pondering the new year

I have never made New Years Resolutions before but with all the changes in my life in the last 5 months I was thinking it might be a good thing to try. I need to set some goals that I can meet that will help improve my life, my family, my community  and the education of my students and then try to find a way to make it work.  Having never done this before I am not sure where to start. Being a teacher we have to make mission statements for things all the time. As much as this practice makes me crazy most of the time I think it is a good place to start. I still have so many questions in my head about how to do this.

How many resolutions do I need to have?

Do I rank them by importance?

Do I start them all at ones? (this seems like a set up to fail if you ask me)

Do I add one a month?

Do I ask my husband to do it with me?

How do I hold my self accountable?

Why do I have to make everything so complicated?

Have any suggestions on how to go about this? If you do leave a comment and let me know I need all the help I can get.


Holiday on a dime – more wrapping paper ideas

After my post about homemade wrapping paper and my brown bag name tags I looked at how I had wrapped some other gits.

1. Just the box and some bows. These are both for my daughter so I was not worried about paper or the fact the the stick on bows are crushed. She will love it regardless and it is what she would expect. Both of the boxes are JCP boxes. The stick on bows and the red tag are covering where it says JCP.




2. More home made paper. This is the panted paper I talked about in my homemade wrapping paper post.


3. The classic from when I was a kid was using the funny pages as wrapping paper. Sooooo love this.

funn paper

4. This has nothing to do with paper but you might see that the From on most of the gifts is not “Mom” or “Dad”. In my family you get your gifts from all kinds of  people. My husband and I have fun coming up with who the gifts will be from. My parents did this for my sisters and I when I was a kid. We don’t do Santa so this is a way to keep gift giving fun.


Holiday on a dime – O (simple) Christmas Tree crafts December 19, 2012

My kids both came home with simple, but cute, Christmas Tree crafts. The base of both crafts was construction paper. My daughters just has a green triangle as a tree that she glued several different things on.  My sons tree was just torn bits of paper and decorated with tissue paper. Simple and can be done with things you have around the house.



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