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Holidays on a dime – Homemade Advent Calendar November 27, 2012

ImageI have found that if I have a craft/activity for my kids to do on Sunday afternoon that life is much better at our house. This past Sunday we made Advent Calendars. I found the idea on Pinterest but there were no directions. I just looked at the pin as we made them. My 7 year old had a bit of trouble and I had to do the last three rows for her. My 3 year old thought it was more fun to try and use the glue stick on me then on the paper. We had a good time and the kids are excited to start ripping the rings off! You work from the bottom up so the yellow “star” is the last ring. We have them taped to their bedroom doors so we remember to take off a ring each night. I am I not good at remembering things like that so we will see how it goes. The best part is I had everything I needed to make them so it was FREE!!! Even if you had to get some paper it would still be a cheep craft.

Note: I made my rings the with of the ruler and that was a bit to thick.


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