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Holidays on a dime – Bigger is not always better! November 27, 2012

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Three years a good it was our first Christmas in a new house and I had a 4 year old and a 6 month old. I had not put up a Christmas Tree in years but it was time for me to brake down and do it. We did not have a tree and I was not about to drop $100 or more on a big tree. My husband hates real trees because of the mess. Remember we also live in a small town that only had a Dollar General (we jokingly call it the mall). I took the kids to the DG and we got a 5 foot pre-lit tree for $25! This is the third year that we have use the tree and it is just fine. It is small so it does not take long to decorate. (Then, in a month, when I have to take it down alone it does not take long to put away!)

As you can see it is not much but we love it! I joked with my husband that with the two big kids in school and daycare that in two years it will look like a craft project has exploded on the tree. Because it is small all the decorations on it mean something to us and we get to talk about them all. I also only have to have a small melt down because I can’t stand how the kids put the decorations on the tree. (I know it is silly but the spacing makes me crazy and I have been known to move things after the kids go to sleep…the kids have no clue!) As an added bonus it uses less lights then a big tree so it saves money on electricity!



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