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Holidays on a dime – Outside lights November 28, 2012

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I am no Clark Griswold and have no desire to get on the roof in the cold to hang Christmas lights. My husband is crazy busy during this time of year and he just does not have the time. Most years I put a string of lights in the window and call it good. This year I made the tomato cage Christmas trees that are all over Pinterest. I made them because the reminded me of the lights I had when I was a kid. My mom and dad had used chicken wire to make three trees of different sizes and put lights on them. We just put them out in the yard every year and we where done! They are also easy to put away! The best part of my lights was I had all the lights and the tomato cages so all I had to get was some zip ties. My husband got me some for $1! Not free but close. The kids love them and they look nice at night. I only used three strands of lights so it should not be to bad on the electric bill. Total winner!

ImageHere is what they look like during the day. You could put some garland or other decorations on them too but I was happy with what I had. We live on a street with three house and do have a lot of traffic so I was not that worried about it.


Holidays on a dime – Bigger is not always better! November 27, 2012

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Three years a good it was our first Christmas in a new house and I had a 4 year old and a 6 month old. I had not put up a Christmas Tree in years but it was time for me to brake down and do it. We did not have a tree and I was not about to drop $100 or more on a big tree. My husband hates real trees because of the mess. Remember we also live in a small town that only had a Dollar General (we jokingly call it the mall). I took the kids to the DG and we got a 5 foot pre-lit tree for $25! This is the third year that we have use the tree and it is just fine. It is small so it does not take long to decorate. (Then, in a month, when I have to take it down alone it does not take long to put away!)

As you can see it is not much but we love it! I joked with my husband that with the two big kids in school and daycare that in two years it will look like a craft project has exploded on the tree. Because it is small all the decorations on it mean something to us and we get to talk about them all. I also only have to have a small melt down because I can’t stand how the kids put the decorations on the tree. (I know it is silly but the spacing makes me crazy and I have been known to move things after the kids go to sleep…the kids have no clue!) As an added bonus it uses less lights then a big tree so it saves money on electricity!



Holidays on a dime – Homemade Advent Calendar

ImageI have found that if I have a craft/activity for my kids to do on Sunday afternoon that life is much better at our house. This past Sunday we made Advent Calendars. I found the idea on Pinterest but there were no directions. I just looked at the pin as we made them. My 7 year old had a bit of trouble and I had to do the last three rows for her. My 3 year old thought it was more fun to try and use the glue stick on me then on the paper. We had a good time and the kids are excited to start ripping the rings off! You work from the bottom up so the yellow “star” is the last ring. We have them taped to their bedroom doors so we remember to take off a ring each night. I am I not good at remembering things like that so we will see how it goes. The best part is I had everything I needed to make them so it was FREE!!! Even if you had to get some paper it would still be a cheep craft.

Note: I made my rings the with of the ruler and that was a bit to thick.


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