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Family Movie Night July 25, 2012

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Now that we are really looking to buckle down and save some cash we have started doing Family Night on Friday or Saturday. Sometimes we have crazy Fridays so we can’t do it then. My husband is a band director so we have home games on Fridays and he often has concerts on Friday nights as well.

In order to make movie night as cost effective as possible we are watching movies we have or a movie that we have on the DVR.  We made pop corn on the stove and the kids got to eat it as they watched (that is a super big deal at out house – we eat at the table with the TV OFF).

Here are some other ways to get free movies –

1. Red Box codes – If you live in a town with a Red Box Google Red Box Free Coeds and I am sure that you will find one that works.

2. The Library – Remember that you can check out movies from your local library! You can even get a movie to watch after the kids go to bed for some date time.

3. Swap with a friend – Check with a friend and see what they have that your family does not. Offer to let them use one of your moves. Win -Win for all!


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