When Do I Sit Down?

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Self Care July 20, 2012

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If you are a busy person, and I assume that you are if you are reading this blog, I bet you forget to take time for yourself. I know that I am bad about this. During the school year I am super bad about this!  Now with trying to make sure I make it the next 14 weeks, at least, on my feet and with this baby in the inside I have been looking at how I am taking care of me. I am going to have to let some things go to get the rest I need and I think I have come to terms with that (I say that but I know there are two dirty cookie sheets on the counter…ugggg). I am making my self a self care basket. Nothing super amazing and all things I had around the house that I found that I could use. For the most part it is lotions and some lip gloss. I also made my self a list of things to do or focus on to help me relax.

Here are some of the things on the list

1. Warm Bath with bath salts or bubbles

2. Hot tea or Hot chocolate (I know it is 105 out side but it helps! )

3. Watch my favorite TV show.

4. Pinterest

5. Look up activities to do with the kids after the baby comes

6. Put on lotion (this is something I almost never do so it is a big treat)

7. Learn more about things I like and have not had time for.

I am just looking for things to take my mind off of what might happen and make sure I stay relaxed.

What do you do to help yourself relax? Any ideas about what more I can put in my basket? I still have lots of room!


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