When Do I Sit Down?

Modern mom just trying to make it!

Pinterest and meal planing July 19, 2012

I am a tech dork in a big way and have enjoy my time on Facebook and Pinterest when I can get it. I have found that Pinterest is a wonderful way to organize recipes that I might want to use for my meal plans or for freezer cooking. I also started a board for Meal Plan Favorites that I have found on Pinterest. This way I can find the recipes that I know we like when I am having a brain block about what to eat. In the comments I can make notes about things to chance for next time or something I did that we thought made the recipe better for us. As much as I love cook books this is also a free way to get new ideas that my family will love. It also saves lots of time because I have a list of things we like in one place. Tomorrow my 6 year old and I are going to make the meal plan for the week and use Pinterest to help us. She likes it because there is a photo and not just me telling her what is in it. So we also get some fun one on one time making then menu. When we are done I bet we will spend some time pining things that she likes on her board!


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