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Facebook is saving me money on my baby! July 12, 2012

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As I have said we will be adding a new member to the family in November but I just found out at the start of July. We had not planed to have another baby so we had given most of our baby stuff away or sold it when we moved. When I made the post on FB that was going to have a baby one of my friends from High School, that I have not seen in say 10 years or more, tells me she has just packed all of her baby stuff AND maternity clothes up to donate and wished I could come check it out. This Saturday my husband and I are going to drive two hours to pick up the pile of baby goods in the photo below. Use your connections to help you out. In this case I did not ask at all…..she offered!  That is hundreds of dollars saved. I do know that this was a case of good timing and luck but I bet you would be surprised what people will offer you when they know you need it.


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