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Throwing things away is half the battle July 10, 2012

Filed under: Cleaning — hmyers1 @ 1:55 pm

We have a problem with paper at our house. All kinds of paper news paper, the kids papers from school, or papers from school and work, mail, and yes just plan trash sometimes. With my kids out of town this week I have a weapon!

My cleaning weapon for the week ? A large trash bag in the middle of the family room! This way every time I see something that trash I pick it up and put it in the bag.  Simple and effective.  Doing this with the kids home would not work because they would be checking to see what I put in the bag and saving things from there doom of the trash.

Don’t get me wrong my house does not look like one on the show hoarders but if it is a flat service one of us will leave something on it.  My daughter has the biggest paper problem of all of us. Here room will be a chore for another day.

Any tips for dealing with all the paper? Let us know in the comments below!


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