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Yogurt Pancakes – Family Favorite! June 28, 2012

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When my daughter was little I got and Annabel Karmel cook book. There are lots of healthy kid and family friendly recipes. One of our favorite is her yogurt pancakes. When my daughter was little I would make them with the yo-baby yogurt and would even use the flavored kind (we like vanilla he best). They also freeze very well. This morning I made some for breakfast and mad some to freeze.

To freeze I let them cool as we eat and I clean the kitchen (today we went to reading time at the library and the post office too). I then put some waxed paper in between them and make piles of four. I then place them in a marked zip top back and place them in the freezer. When we want pancakes and I don’t have much time I just pop some in the micro wave and we have pancakes. Works will for Briner on a weeknight when you need a quick dinner too!

My plate of pancakes!

Kathryn’s pancakes that she made fancy all by herself!

12 pancakes ready for the freezer! I only had the yogurt to double the recipe. I will make then in a couple weeks and add some more to the freezer.


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