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Pinterest Review – Get your Tub Clean WITHOUT Blue DAWN! June 28, 2012

This is only kind of a Pinterest Review. There are several pins on Penterest that say if you use equal parts white vinegar and blue Dawn that your tub will the the cleanest it has ever been. My mom tried it and say id was amazing. I wanted to know if it had to be blue Dawn so I did it a bit diftent….I used Pamolive! I was impressed my tub looks the best it ever has! I know we put it in two years ago. One bathroom that four people use the tub/shower gets a lot of use. The truth is I HATE cleaning the bathroom but this was so easy.  I sprayed the tub. When and did some quick things and hung a load of laundry.  When I came back I wiped out the tub and gave it a good rinse. I thought it looked good so I called in the 6 year old to get the honset oppion that only a child can give. I asked her to look at the tub and she said “WOW! It is soooo shiny!”. I give it a GOLD star. Bet part…it was free! I had gotten the dish soap and the vinegar for free on some couponing trips! Even if you have to pay full price this is still super cheep!

What you need:

Equal parts of white vinegar and dish soap

Empty spray bottle (mine is an old glass cleaner bottle)

Put the vinegar in the bottle and warm it up. I had to warm it before I put it in the bottle because the bottle was to tall for my microwave!  I warmed it in the glass bottle for 1 min and then put it in the spray bottle. I then added the soap and shook it up.

This is my nasty tub….yep it is that bad…I hate cleaning the bathroom…I know this is sick.

This is my nice clean tub after I let it dry for an hour. It is not all wet it is just that clean!


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