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Low Cal Quick and Easy Potato Soup June 26, 2012

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This was a good find people.  I was on FB reading a conversation on a page.  Someone had asked about cheep summer dinners.  What this lady posted was the inspiration for this recipe. When I say recipe I mean a jumping off point because I had a tone of other ideas about what I can do with the base soup I made….but we will get to that. (Tonight was also one of those nights where things went kid of crazy at dinner and I was the only parent home and I did not get to eat much so I had food on my mind.)

You will need:

1 can of veggie broth ( that is what I had on hand)

1 can of low fat evaporated milk

1 baked potato cubed (with or without skin)

Salt and Pepper to tase

Cheese for serving

I know that there are two potatoes in the photo but I only ended up using one.

In a sauce pan warm the broth, milk, and potato. Add salt and pepper to taste (I put in some grill seasoning to for an extra depth).  Sprinkle with cheese if desired.

This is not super creamy but you get that fix of having a cream soup. I love chowders and as I was eating this I thought you could add:

Frozen Mixed Veggies

Frozen Corn

Caned Shrimp or Clams

I added some Crock-pot Chicken Taco meat to my second bowl and it was fantastic!

This is the BEST PART of this quick soup. I said low cal right…..the base of the soup…the broth and the LOW FAT evaporated milk is only 100 calories TOTAL. Even with the potato with the skin it is still only about 250 calories for the entire pot of soup! So depending on the other things you add it this is a good replacement for that can of clam chowder. I had two bowls and I am so content right now. I am going to put on my PJs, make my cup of tea, and chill watching Friends until I go to bed. This was a total surprise and a total success!

NOTE: You may see on the cans in the photo that there are tags that say 50 cents. We have a store in our town called Dents and Dings that has dented cans and other random products for cheaper then I can get them on sale or with coupons most if the time. I get all of my caned beans there for 50 cents a can. You never know what the are going to have so if you see it you better get it! Because that is where I got the caned goods this meal was less then $2.


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