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Rewards Points Pay Off! June 25, 2012

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In the small town I live in there is only one supermarket. I don’t shop there often but it is nice when you are run out of milk or have forgotten something at the store in the next town over. I do get my 6  Sunday papers there.  With every dollar you spend you do get rewards points.  They don’t have good deal there all the time but every now and then you can get a good score. This week eggs where 48 cents with 300 points and Peter Pan Peanut Butter was 99 cents with 1000 points. You also got 100 bonus points when you got shredded cheese. Here is a photo of my trip and the brake down.

3 Peter Pan Peanut Butter Shelf Cost $2.69 each payed 99 cents each with 1000 reward point

2 Dozen store brand Large Eggs Shelf Cost $1.49 a dozen payed 49 cents each with 300 reward points

3 packs of store brand cheese $2.59 each with a bonus 100 points each

Daisy Sour Cream $1.59

Total Self Cost $21.07

Payed $13.97

Saved 33.7%

Not the best savings ever but it is savings right.

But I also got 300 extra rewards points to use later. I needed everything I got so I am not to hung up on only saving 33.7%.


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