When Do I Sit Down?

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Now why did I do that? June 25, 2012

Filed under: Cleaning — hmyers1 @ 1:45 pm

Do you ever wounder why you do things?  I do. Below is a photo of my husbands bedside table. Last Monday it was on my side of the bed and when I moved it I dusted it. Guess what I did? I left the can of Pledge on it. Now in my defense I can not see this from my side of the bed and most of the time I don’t even walk by his bedside table. In  reality I have see it 4-5 times over the last week and just never picked it up. Truth is it still sitting there as I type this. Why can’t I just pick it up and put it away the FIRST time I see it? I do stuff like this all the time.  I need to find a way to correct this behavior or my house will NEVER be clean.  I am going to post this and go put it a way. Someone better asked me if I did!!!!


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