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This weeks meal plan 6/24 – 30 June 24, 2012

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We will see how this goes this week. My six year old is sick so we will see how well we sick to the list. I hope to not eat out At all during the week and maybe just go out for a cheep lunch on Saturday.  My husband is gone for three weeks so weekday breakfast, lunch, and snack are just the six year old and I. At Dinner and on the weekend we add the three year old back into the mix!


Breakfast – Cereal

Lunch – Lunch meat sandwiches with spinach and apple slices

Snack – Fruit

Dinner – Strawberry and Spinach salad and chicken salad with crackers


Breakfast  – Smoothies (from frozen fruit/berries and fresh bananas)

Lunch –  Lunch meat sandwiches and  cucumbers in yogurt dill sauce 

Snack – White been dip and crackers

Dinner – Crock-pot Chicken Tacos 


Breakfast – Yogurt and Fruit

Lunch – PB and honey sandwiches strawberries

Snack – Popcorn

Dinner – Baked Potatoes and Broccoli


Breakfast – Cereal and fruit

Lunch  – Left over chicken tacos

Snack – Fruit and yogurt

Dinner – Mac and cheese with peas and Hot dogs


Breakfast – Yogurt Pancakes (large batch with lots to freeze)

Lunch – Left over baked potatoes and mac and cheese with peas

Snack – White Bean dip and crackers

Dinner – Home Made Pizza (might make one to freeze too)


Breakfast – Cereal and fruit

Lunch – PB and honey sandwiches or left over Pizza (if there is some)

Snack – Tomatoes (provided the large amount of green ones we have are red)

Dinner – Velveeta Box Meal (chicken broccoli rice)


Breakfast – Eggs and toast

Lunch – out of town? – sack lunch?

Snack – out of town?

Dinner – Leftovers or Sandwiches if not out of town.


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