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Laundry Tips June 24, 2012

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So I am kind of odd and like doing the laundry. I don’t on the other hand like putting it away.

Here are some tips that I have found help me tackle the laundry. When I do them everything works well.  When I don’t the weekend becomes a mass of wash a clothes on my bed. During the summer I wash and line dry all most of the laundry.  After school starts and my husband and I go back to work some of it gets line dried outside and in the winter I try to line dry inside but we do use the dry too.

1. Keep your stain remover where you are going to use it!

This may not be your laundry room. I keep stain remover under the bathroom sink and one in the laundry room. My laundry room is in the basement and I am not going to walk down there every time the kids get something on their clothes that needs a pre-treat. This way I just walk to the bathroom, treat it, and put it in the dirty hamper. I no longer have to remember what shirt has the sauce on it.

2. Only have ONE dirty hamper in your main living space!

I only keep one dirty hamper in my room for everyone’s clothes. I had three hampers for the four of us at one time but it just got out of control.

3. Sort the laundry when the dirty hamper is full!

I would sort all the laundry on the day I was going to do it an it took forever! Now when it gets full every two days or so I take the dirty hamper downstairs,  sort for five min, and bring the clean hamper back up. Soooo much simpler.

4. In the laundry room have several hampers to sort into!

We have six hampers in the laundry room –  things that don’t get line dried, work clothes, lights, dark, kid clothes, and workout clothes. When I take the dirty hamper down to sort I just put them in the right basket and then I am good to go when it is time to do the wash. I have a bigger tub that I will use for sheets and blankets if I need it.

5. Do laundry all week long! 

I put a load in before I go to bed and get up early and hang it outside before I go to work when it is nice out (Remember to check the weather before you do this!). In the winter I put it in when I get home and hang it after the kids go to bed and then it has 24 hr to dry. If I am using the dryer I put it in before I go to work and dry it when I get home. Then I can get it folded before bed.

6. Do the kids laundary FIRST!!!

Why you ask?  So I can put it away BEFORE they go to bed.  If I don’t there will be a basket of clean kid clothes in my room for a week. I have an inability to put it away the next day.

What helps you get the laundry done? Let us know.


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