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The 5 min pick up June 22, 2012

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In my never ending quest to figure out how to keep my house clean I have several blogs I like to read. One blog is A Slob Comes Clean (You should check it out. She is funny and you get good ides!) The other night I could not sleep, and I had watched about 2 hours of Friends on Nick at Night, so I started reading old blog post on A Slob Comes Clean.  She said that she does a 5 min pick up.  She sets the timer for 5 min, cleans until it goes off, and then stops!  That is it nothing fancy but it wold work…right?

My six year old is a smart cute kid but her room is a war zone all the time.  We have tried several things and nothing has worked for us yet. She also tends to obsess about things and get very stressed out about odd things. Cleaning is a trigger for her. I have use the timer for lots of things with her but never thought about cleaning.

Yesterday my six year old and I hit her room with a 5 min  pick up. We needed two people it was that bad.  I spent the 5 min putting books back in the shelf. She pick up other random things and it looked much better.

Today I had her do her room and had her do the living room.  My three old was sick at the start of the week so the house kind of exploded with only one adult around. She asked if she could just do 3 min in the living room and that was fine with me.  Here are the before and after photos.



I can walk with out steeping on things now!!!  To top it off she put most of the stuff where it belonged.  Is there still more work to be done in this room? Yes.  Do I still need to empty the hampers of clean clothes? Yes. But for 3 min that I did not have to spend picking up things that are not mine I think it was a total win. Now to get off of here and pick up the rest of it.


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